What is Kundalini?

The kundalini energy lies dormant coiled at the base of our spine. By practicing ancient kriyas, paranayam, mudras and chanting, we can awaken the kundalini which brings us back to our consciousness.

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As we flush out our glandular, hormonal and internal systems, strengthen our parasympathetic nervous systems, we will also be casting aside psychological programming systems that do not serve us and resetting a new programming system to bring us into self- balance. Just a few benefits of this beautiful practice.


Before we start we’ll tune in with the Adi Mantra “ong mamo guru dev namo”. We tune in to link ourselves and bow to the golden chain of Teachers and Gurus who’ have gone before us and also to our own inner teacher.


The Adi Mantra is followed by the Mangala Charan mantra “Ad guray nameh, jugad guray nameh,sat guray nameh, siri guru devay nameh”. This mantra clears clouds of doubt, and opens us to guidance and protection during our energy work


Kundalini Yoga give us the tools to help support us during daily life stresses such as, work, family commintemts etc.


I look forward to our weekly sessions where I will guide you through a kriya, exercise set mantra, meditation and of course a beautiful relaxation to integrate all the beautiful Kundalini energy.

Sat Nam.

Kundalini Yoga


Mondays, Wednesday and Thursday
Online classes via ZOOM

Tuesday 8am-9am    Thursday 6:30-8pm

email: Bani at info@jupitersangat.com to receive ID link for the class

Thursday Subagh Kriya sessions

3 consecutive sessions £12

6 sessions over 8 weeks £24

Stand alone sessions or add to your Kundalini yoga class pass



Class passes

3 consecutive weeks £21

6 sessions over 8 weeks £42


If your income has been severely affected please select an option and join us in a class

Suggested donation of £3- £5 per Kundalini Yoga and Meditation session


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TXT ONLY 07813147445

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Shanti Bee
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£7  £5  £3

Class passes

£30 for 30 consecutive days

£40 unlimited classes over 8 weeks

Pre pay before joining zoom sessions

Kundalini Yoga meets the Medical Medium for a mini liver cleanse

January 4th-6th
Live via zoom 7:30-8:30am Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
WHATSAPP ONLY for login details and your Cleansezine with all the recipe for our 3 days

Replay avilable

investment for the 3 Kundalini yoga sessions £11

payment via online transfer (detail higher up the page) or via a Sumup card payment link


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