What is Kundalini?

The kundalini energy lies dormant coiled at the base of our spine. By practicing ancient kriyas, paranayam, mudras and chanting, we can awaken the kundalini which brings us back to our consciousness.

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As we flush out our glandular, hormonal and internal systems, strengthen our parasympathetic nervous systems, we will also be casting aside psychological programming systems that do not serve us and resetting a new programming system to bring us into self- balance. Just a few benefits of this beautiful practice.


Before we start we’ll tune in with the Adi Mantra “ong mamo guru dev namo”. We tune in to link ourselves and bow to the golden chain of Teachers and Gurus who’ have gone before us and also to our own inner teacher.


The Adi Mantra is followed by the Mangala Charan mantra “Ad guray nameh, jugad guray nameh,sat guray nameh, siri guru devay nameh”. This mantra clears clouds of doubt, and opens us to guidance and protection during our energy work


Kundalini Yoga give us the tools to help support us during daily life stresses such as, work, family commintemts etc.


I look forward to our weekly sessions where I will guide you through a kriya, exercise set mantra, meditation and of course a beautiful relaxation to integrate all the beautiful Kundalini energy.

Sat Nam.

Kundalini Yoga

Tuesday and Thursday
Online classes via ZOOM

Tuesday 8am-9am    Thursday 7:30-8:45pm

email: Bani at info@jupitersangat.com to receive ID link for the class

Thursday session we are doing a 40 week practice of Jupiter Kriya to Build Business Intuition. It is powerful enough to deeply clear our subconscious mind and tune our psyche into the electromagnetic field of the universe

Tuesday and Thursday classes

Tuesday drop in £9 Thursday drop in £15

3 consecutive classes £27….£45

6 classes over 8 weeks £54…£90


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TXT ONLY 07813147445

Or email info@jupitersangat.com for payment link


Release and Receive: Healing into your Radiance and Power as a Woman

Saturday November 26th 9am for 9:20am – 5pm
At The Secret Tower

Release and Receive
Healing into your Power as a Woman
As we gather as the incredible women that we are, together we will create new pathways for our highest potential and that of each other, as we let go of those non serving self limiting beliefs to elevate into our greatness to be free of any binds the tie us!
Be powerful, radiant, confident and creative in the flow of your grace and subtlety as a Woman.
Our focus for our day together is on self healing and releasing those physical and energetic body blocks. We will take those pesky self limiting thought patterns and slice right through them! Creating the space for more energy, vitality, inner power and radiance for you to be all that you are, for all that you know you can be!
Experience you as the incredible Woman that you are and radiate out into the world.
Our day will consist of a combination of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Sound Baths ( yes baths multiple, I know fabulous right! ) and a Quantium Healing session
Satu will also be with us shining her light to ensure you have everything you need through out the day.
How our day will look:
To settle in and get our mats at the ready
Introduction to our day together
Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Bani ( Lyn ) which will flow straight into a Gong bath with Florrie
When we practice Kundalini Yoga Kriyas ( which are a set of exercises we do in a particular order creating a complete action ) chanting Mantra, practicing a Pranayama and Meditating we realise stress, anxiety, trauma etc… We are also freeing ourselves of family blocks and or self imposed blocks in our physical body as well as our energetic bodies. Healing enables us to create our own awareness of self and to experience anything we wish with openness and joy and better health in all its forms.
When we liberate ourselves we experience more gratitude, opened heartedness, love, abundance, grace, inner calm, power and radiance of self.:
Nicky’s integrated approach will gently guide you through a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing process, empowering you to let go of fears, doubts, traumas, blocks and limiting beliefs by guiding you into your heart to find your source of wisdom, of power, of truth and light.
Our session will be taking us to work in the Quantum Field where we’ll connect with our powerful Divine Feminine Energy to call into creation our gifts, our wishes and desires we’d like to birth into our reality.
The session will begin with a teaching where we will focus on what it is we’d like to manifest into our reality, followed by a Meditation which will guide us to a deep focused intention of visualisation, to birth our manifestations into our new reality.
Lunch is plant based, diary and gluten free
Sound Healing with Florrie
Florrie will use several vibrational instruments such as the Gong, Himalayan Bowls and more.
Sound Healing Meditation is a haven for personal healing, growth, and discovery. It is a holistic approach to our wellness
The Gong is a beautiful reinforced
vibration that impacts the body by
releasing blocks, reducing tension and
stimulating circulation.
Your mind will have no defence to the Gong after 90 seconds!
You’ll experience that your physical body is in fact, a wonderful musical instrument, constructed with meridians that allow healing and energy to cascade into and through you
Some of the benefits you’ll experience during and after a Sound Healing
• Deeper rest and relaxation
• Chakra balancing
• Pain is often released
• Improved overall alignment
• May Help with depression/anxiety and stress
• It can Help with a physical ailments
• Increase in physical energy levels
• Relief from stress and anxiety
• Release of energy from the past that is affecting
you now
• Help focusing the mind and lessening mind chatter
Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Bani ( Lyn )
Sound Bath with Florrie
4:30pm close the day
Time for the famous lemon drizzle cake and a cuppa to ground back in before we head off
Each of our session have been designed to release those old non self serving beliefs, heal the space and to tap into your inner resources and radiance for your essence as a Woman to shine through!
Saturday 26th November
The Secret Tower
Sallyport Tower
Tower Street
Newcastle upon Tyne
The venue is only a few minutes walk from Mannors Metro Station and car park, two MSCP and main bus routes
What time?
9am for 9:20am – 5pm
What will I need?
Firstly you as your fabulous self!
A yoga mat, blankly, meditation pillow or cushion.
Your favourite mug, a note book and pen, a crystal if you like to bring one
A few yoga mats and blankies will available if you need them.
Snacks, lunch, a cheeky slice of cake, ( yeah, it’s a slice of the famous lemon drizzle ) hot and cold drinks are included
Feel free to bring your favourite cup/mug or water bottle
What to wear?
Anything you like, as long as you can sit comfortably and move freely for our Yoga practice. It’s also a good idea to layer up when doing Yoga and healing work as you can get very warm but also cool down quickly.
Investment in self

We have two payment options

2 payments of £57.50

1 payment of £111
Booking link below where you’ll find the 3 payment options along with card or bank transfer options


Bookings are non refundable
But if for any unseen reason the venue or JupiterSangat would need to cancel your booking would be transferred to the next Women Day event.

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